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Some Birthdays
1. Ezio Borgo ( age: 110 )
Ezio Borgo (born November 20, 1907 in Genoa) was an Italian professional football player. His older brother Guglielmo Borgo also played football professionally. To distinguish them, Guglielmo was known as Borgo I and Ezio as Borgo II.
2. Fabián Villaseñor ( age: 35 )
Fabián Israél Villaseñor López is a Mexican footballer and goalkeeper currently playing for Jaguares de Chiapas in the Primera Division de Mexico. He debuted with Veracruz in 2004, after an injury to starter Jorge Bernal. He played well and his team
3. Fábio Júnior Pereira ( age: 40 )
Fábio Júnior Pereira (born November 20, 1977 in Manhuaçu) is a Brazilian footballer currently playing for Brasiliense Futebol Clube. He was found using a fake passport to play as an EU-player in Italy, he then fined and banned in Italy football for a
4. Gail Ann Dorsey ( age: 55 ) ( Musician )
Gail Ann Dorsey (born November 20, 1962) is an American musician considered one of the premier bass guitarists and vocalists within the alternative rock scene. With a distinguished career as a session musician, it has been most notably her long assoc
5. Gary Karr ( age: 75 ) ( Double-bassist, pedagogue )
Gary Karr (born November 20, 1941), is an American classical double bass virtuoso and teacher.
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