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Some Birthdays
1. Leslie David Baker ( age: 60 ) ( Film, television actor )
Leslie David Baker, born February 18, 1958 in Chicago, Illinois, is an American film and television actor who plays Stanley Hudson on The Office. He also had several small roles in Scrubs and appeared on That '70s Show as a janitor after a Ted Nu
2. Luboš Pecka ( age: 40 )
Luboš Pecka is a Czech football player, who currently plays for SK České Budějovice. He is a striker or attacking midfielder.
3. Luis Costa Juan ( age: 75 )
Luis Costa Juan is a former Spanish football striker and manager.
4. Marek Gancarczyk ( age: 35 )
Marek Gancarczyk is a Polish footballer, who plays for Śląsk Wrocław. His position on the pitch is midfielder.
5. Mark Andes ( age: 70 ) ( Musician, songwriter )
Mark Andes (born February 19, 1948) is an American musician, known for his work as a bassist with Spirit, Firefall, Heart, and Mirabal.
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