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Some Birthdays
1. O. J. Obatola ( age: 30 )
Ojimi Gabriel "O.J. " Obatola (born October 24, 1987 in Lagos) is a Nigerian footballer currently without a club.
2. Perry Millward ( age: 25 )
Perry Millward (born 24 October 1992 in Sidcup, Kent) is a young British actor primarily known for his work on stage, although he also has a few television credits. Thanks to an Emma Priest Scholarship he received for his singing, Millward became a f
3. Raelee Hill ( age: 45 ) ( Television actor )
Raelee Hill (born October 24, 1972) is an Australian actress best-known for her roles in some of her country's most successful television series. Her first major role was as Loretta Taylor in Paradise Beach, which was followed shortly afterwards
4. Rafael Sciani ( age: 30 )
Rafael Ribeiro Sciani or simply Rafael is a Brazilian footballer, currently playing for Lokomotiv Plovdiv as a midfielder.
5. Renato Sanero ( age: 110 )
Renato Sanero (born October 24, 1907 in Turin) was an Italian professional football player.
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