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Some Birthdays
1. Norman Forde ( age: 40 )
Norman Forde (born 30 April 1977) is a Barbadian footballer. He started his career as an apprentice with Nottingham Forest, where his progress was inhibited by a succession of injuries. The midfielder has spent most of his career with Youth Milan in
2. Oscar Villalón ( age: 45 )
Oscar Villalón Ríos,. Is a chilean-Spanish Painter, Sculptor and Designer. Although he was born in Chile, he has develop his professional career in Madrid, Spain where he teaches in his own academy.
3. Per Pallesen ( age: 75 ) ( Actor )
Per Pallesen (born 30 April 1942) is a Danish film actor. He has appeared in over 35 films since 1967. He was born in Denmark.
4. Peter Babnič ( age: 40 )
Peter Babnič (born 30 April 1977) is a Slovak football player. Babnič played for several clubs in Slovakia before moving to the Czech Republic to play for Sparta Prague in 2001. He also played for Tescoma Zlín and Sigma Olomouc before returning back
5. Petr Zapalač ( age: 30 )
Petr Zapalač (born April 30, 1987) is a Czech footballer currently under contract for Slovakn side MFK Dubnica.
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