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Some Birthdays
1. Mario Carević ( age: 35 )
Mario Carević (born March 29, 1982) is a Croatian football midfielder, currently playing for K.V. Kortrijk. He made his debut for the Croatia national football team playing in a friendly match against Macedonia on 28 April 2004. While he was a regula
2. Martin Fleischmann ( age: 90 )
Martin Fleischmann (born March 29, 1927) is a British chemist noted for his work in electrochemistry. He came to wider public prominence following his controversial publication of work with colleague Stanley Pons on cold fusion using palladium in the
3. Maurice Benayoun ( age: 60 )
Maurice Benayoun (aka MoBen) is a new-media artist based in Paris who has won numerous awards for his work. His work employs various media, including (and often combining) video, immersive virtual reality, the Web, wireless technology, performance, l
4. Michel Ancel ( age: 45 ) ( Game designer for French-owned video game company Ubisoft )
Michel Ancel (born March 29, 1972) is a French video game designer for Ubisoft most known for creating Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil.
5. Nilson Cortes ( age: 40 )
Nilson Armes Cortes (born March 29, 1977 in Barranquilla) is a Colombian football striker. At club level he currently plays for Once Caldas in the Copa Mustang. Having had a great season with Once Caldas has recently got him a recent call up for a fr
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