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Some Birthdays
1. Louis Oosthuizen ( age: 35 )
Lodewicus Theodorus "Louis" Oosthuizen is a South African professional golfer, who won the 2010 Open Championship.
2. María Fernanda Neil ( age: 35 ) ( Actress, singer, model, television personality )
María Fernanda Neil (born 19 October 1982) is an Argentine actress, singer and fashion model, perhaps the best known for her role of Fernanda Peralta Ramos in series Rebelde Way.
3. Marianna Tabain ( age: 25 )
Marianna Tabain (born 19 October 1992) is an Australian football (soccer) player currently playing for Australian W-League team Perth Glory. Tabain won the W-League Goal of the Year Award for a goal in Round 9 against Adelaide United.
4. Mick Gerace ( age: 55 )
MIck Gerace is an Australian musician.
5. Mohammad Suhail Zubairy ( age: 65 )
Muhammad Suhail Zubairy, also known as M.S. Zubairy or M. Suhail Zubairy,, is a Pakistani physicist who has made pioneering research to the fields of Laser, Quantum and Theoretical physics. He co-authored and authored various books concerning heavily
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