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Some Birthdays
1. Noah Reid ( age: 30 ) ( Actor )
Noah Reid (born 29 May 1987) is a Canadian actor.
2. Noel Gallagher ( age: 50 ) ( Musician, songwriter )
Noel Thomas David Gallagher (born 29 May 1967) is an English musician, best known as the former principal songwriter, lead guitarist, and occasional vocalist of English rock band Oasis. Raised with younger brother Liam Gallagher in Burnage, Mancheste
3. Noritaka Hidaka ( age: 70 )
Noritaka Hidaka (born May 29, 1947) is a former Japanese football player. He has played for Japan national team.
4. Oliver Smith (actor) ( age: 65 )
Oliver Smith (born 29 May 1952) is an English actor. He is probably best known for playing the role of Frank The Monster from the original Hellraiser film in 1987, as well as Mr. Browning and Skinless Frank from Hellbound: Hellraiser II film in 1988.
5. Omar Arellano Nuño ( age: 50 )
Omar Arellano Nuño is a former Mexican football midfielder and current manager of Necaxa in Mexico's Liga de Ascenso. He is the father of C.D. Guadalajara player Omar Arellano. As of April 2009 he was the manager at Chivas Guadalajara.
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