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Some Birthdays
1. Jakki Degg ( age: 40 )
Jakki Degg (born 20 February 1978) is an English model and actress. While the bulk of her work has been done in England, she has appeared in American film and television, and has posed for posters and magazine pictorials.
2. James Wilby ( age: 60 )
James Jonathon Wilby (born 20 February 1958) is a British actor for film, TV and stage.
3. Jean Kennedy Smith ( age: 90 )
Jean Ann Kennedy Smith (born February 20, 1928) is an American diplomat and a former United States Ambassador to Ireland. She is the eighth of nine children born to Joseph Patrick Kennedy, Sr. and Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald, and their last surviving c
4. Jennifer O'Neill ( age: 70 ) ( Actress )
Jennifer O'Neill (born February 20, 1948) is an American actress and author.
5. Jenny Tseng ( age: 65 ) ( Singer, Actress, Producer )
Jenny Tseng mostly known in Cantonese speaking regions as Yan Nei, is a Macau-born singer, based in Hong Kong for much of her career. Her father is Austrian while her mother is Chinese. Her powerful voice and straightforward personality have made her
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