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Some Birthdays
1. Kazuaki Kiriya ( age: 50 )
, born April 20, 1968 in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, is a Japanese photographer and director of films and music videos. His birth name is Kazuhiro Iwashita . He made his feature film debut writing and directing the live action film adaptation of Cass
2. Kevin James Maher ( age: 35 ) ( Musician, singer-songwriter, sound designer, record producer )
Kevin “Kevvy Mental” Maher (born in 1987 in Edmonton, Alberta) is a Canadian musician, film composer, remix artist and music producer, most notable for his work in Fake Shark - Real Zombie! as lead Vocalist and Programmer.
3. Khodayar Sheibani ( age: 40 )
Khodayar Sheibani is an Iranian photographer .
4. Klairung Treejaksung ( age: 45 )
Klairung Treejaksung is a former Thailand national team player. He currently plays for Bangkok Bravo in Thai Division 2 League.
5. Kunihiko Takizawa ( age: 40 )
is a Japanese football player currently playing for Bangkok Glass.
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