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Some Birthdays
1. David Bailiff ( age: 60 )
David Bailiff (born May 26, 1958 in San Antonio, Texas) is a college football coach, who is currently the head coach at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Bailiff played for three years as an offensive lineman and tight end for coach Jim Wacker at So
2. Demy de Zeeuw ( age: 35 )
Demy Patrick René de Zeeuw is a Dutch footballer who currently plays for Eredivisie club Ajax and the Netherlands national football team. He is a defensive midfielder described as a good tackler and a gifted passer of the ball. He previously played f
3. Dennis Richmond ( age: 75 ) ( Anchor )
Dennis Richmond (born May 26 1943) is a retired American former news anchor who spent 40 years with Oakland, CA-based KTVU.
4. Derrick Mains ( age: 45 ) ( CEO, GreenNurture )
Derrick Mains is an entrepreneur, musician, sustainability philosopher and public speaker. His background includes experience in the fields of logistics, sustainability, software development and fund raising. He has a deep understanding of the recycl
5. Dominic Oneya ( age: 70 )
Colonel (later Brigadier-General) Dominic Obukadata Oneya was Administrator of Kano State, Nigeria from August 1996 to August 1998 during the military regime of General Sani Abacha, then Administrator of Benue State from August 1998 to May 1999 durin
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