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Karl Gunnar David Johansson (born 28 May 1982) is a Swedish football defender who currently plays for Hammarby IF in Stockholm. David is a n important member of the team and is one of the teams assistant captains. Johanssons contract ends after the 2
2. David Stokes ( age: 35 )
David Stokes (b. May 28, 1982, Dumfries, Virginia) is an American soccer player, who last played three seasons in Major League Soccer and two in the USL First Division.
3. Desiree del Valle ( age: 35 )
Desirée Lois del Valle Dunham, better known by her screen name Desiree del Valle (born May 28, 1982 in the Philippines), is a Filipina actress born from American dad and Filipina mom.. She is an alumna of ABS-CBN's elite circle of homegrown talen
4. Doriva ( age: 45 )
Doriva, full name Dorival Guidoni Jr. is a recently retired Brazilian football midfielder, who last played for América-SP in the Brazilian league, after a spell playing for Middlesbrough. Prior to joining to Middlesbrough, Doriva played for São Paulo
5. Edgar Villchur ( age: 100 )
Edgar Villchur (born May 28, 1917, New York City) is an American inventor, educator, and writer. His 1954 invention of the acoustic suspension loudspeaker revolutionized the field of high-fidelity equipment, providing better bass response than was pr
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