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Some Birthdays
1. Karoline Leach ( age: 50 ) ( Writer )
Karoline Leach (born July 20, 1967) is a British playwright and author, best known for her book In the Shadow of the Dreamchild, which re-examines the life of Lewis Carroll (pseudonym of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson), the author of Alice's Adventures
2. Keiko Matsuzaka ( age: 65 ) ( Actress )
(born July 20, 1952) is an actress. Born in Ōta, Tokyo, her father was a naturalized South Korean while her mother was Japanese. Active as a child actress in the 1960s, she came into her own as an adult with Daiei, then in 1972 with Shochiku. Keiko p
3. Kiki Musampa ( age: 40 )
Kizito "Kiki" Musampa is a Congolese-born Dutch footballer.
4. Kōsuke Kujirai ( age: 30 ) ( Actor, Singer )
Album Stats Album was released for the Get Ride! Amdriver anime TV show in Japan (JPN), only.
5. Ladipo Adamolekun ( age: 75 )
Ladipo Adamolekun (born July 20, 1942) is a Nigerian public administration scholar, former dean of the Faculty of Administration at Obafemi Awolowo University and was a lead public sector management specialist at World Bank. He is one of the leading
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