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Some Birthdays
1. Kenneth Kim ( age: 45 ) ( Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon )
Kenneth Kwanyoung Kim (born April 4, 1972), best known as Dr. Kenneth Kim, is a Korean born, Korean-American board certified plastic surgeon and medical researcher residing in Southern California. Kim is an active member of the American College of Su
2. Kiyoshi Myobudani ( age: 80 )
is a former sumo wrestler from Akan, Hokkaido, Japan. He made his professional debut in March 1954. He was a member of Miyagino stable. His highest rank was sekiwake and he twice took part in playoffs for the top makuuchi division tournament champion
3. Linda (musician) ( age: 40 ) ( Singer-songwriter )
Linda is a stage name for Svetlana Lvovna Geiman, a Russian singer. Her style incorporates trip hop, electronic and ethnic music.
4. Marija Karan ( age: 35 )
Marija Karan is a Serbian actress. She had her film debut in Kad porastem biću Kengur and appeared after this in Jesen stiže, dunjo moja. In 2007, Karan appeared alongside Nikola Kojo and Bogdan Diklić in the Serbian thriller Četvrti čovek (The fourt
5. Marko Rehmer ( age: 45 )
Marko Rehmer (born 29 April 1972 in East Berlin) is a retired German footballer, who played mainly as a central defender.
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