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Some Birthdays
1. Julius Caesar Herrera ( age: 65 )
Julius Caesar Falar Herrera (born April 21, 1953) is a Filipino lawyer and politician. Herrera is the present president of the Vice Governors League of the Philippines. Atty. Julius Caesar F. Herrera was born with parents, Sofio Herrera and Narcisa F
2. Kamil Ulman ( age: 35 )
Kamil Ulman (born 21 April 1983) is a Polish football player who plays goalkeeper for Vyzas F.C. in the Greek Gamma Ethniki.
3. Katsuyuki Konishi ( age: 45 ) ( Seiyū )
His main roles in bold.
4. Kit Vaughan ( age: 65 )
Christopher L. ‘Kit’ Vaughan, DSc, (born April 21, 1953), is Emeritus Professor of Biomedical Engineering in the Department of Human Biology, University of Cape Town in South Africa.
5. Koichi Wajima ( age: 75 )
Koichi Wajima (輪島 功一 born April 21, 1943 in Hokkaidō, Japan) was a professional boxer in the super welterweight division. He is a former WBC and WBA champion.
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