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Some Birthdays
1. Ji Wallace ( age: 40 )
Ji Wallace is an Australian gymnast and Olympic trampoline champion. Earlier in his career Ji Wallace won several Australian national titles and made an international breakthrough in 1996 by winning gold in the DMT (double mini trampoline) discipline
2. Judy Foote ( age: 65 ) ( Credit Union Manager, Municipal Councillor )
Judy Foote is a Canadian politician. She represented the electoral district of Grand Bank in the Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly from 1996 to 2007. She was a member of the Liberal Party. She served in the provincial cabinet as Minister of
3. Kari Takko ( age: 55 )
Kari Maurits Takko is a retired Finnish ice hockey goaltender.
4. Kate Melton ( age: 25 ) ( Actress )
Kaitlyn "Kate" Melton is American actress.
5. Kathy Tebow ( age: 60 )
Kathy Tebow (Sharp) (born 23 June 1957) is from Anchorage, Alaska and competed in the 1977 Miss America Scholarship Pageant. Tebow won her first pageant title in March 1976 when she was crowned Miss Anchorage 1976 in her first attempt at the title. T
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