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Some Birthdays
1. André Todescato ( age: 35 )
André Todescato is a Brazilian footballer currently under contract for Romanian side FC Politehnica Iaşi. He also holds an Italian passport.
2. Anele Ngcongca ( age: 30 )
Calvin Anele Ngcongca is a South African football player who currently plays for K.R.C. Genk in Belgium.
3. Angelo Mattea ( age: 125 )
Angelo Mattea (21 October 1892 - 1960) was an Italian football player and manager from Santhià in the Province of Vercelli. He played club football for several clubs including Casale, which he helped to win the 1913–14 scudetto, and Juventus. He also
4. Anne Laplantine ( age: 45 )
Anne Laplantine (born October 21, 1972 in Lyon), also known as Michiko Kusaki or Angelika Koehlermann, is a French musician and video artist. She currently lives and works in Paris.
5. Antony Kay ( age: 35 )
Antony Kay (born 21 October 1982 in Barnsley) is an English professional footballer. He currently plays for Huddersfield Town in Football League One, as a midfielder.
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