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Some Birthdays
1. Hania Barton ( age: 30 ) ( Actress )
Hania Claire Barton (born 18 February 1988), the younger sister of actress Mischa Barton, is an English-American actress.
2. Hans Berggren ( age: 45 )
Hans Berggren (born February 18, 1973) is a Swedish footballer, currently playing for Gefle IF. He came to Gefle, the club where he started his elite career, in the beginning of 2008 from BK Häcken. In the 2008 season he became Gefle's best goals
3. Hatice Guleryuz ( age: 50 )
Hatice Guleryuz is a contemporary artist currently residing in Los Angeles. Her practice spans a broad range of media including video, photography, art books and drawing.
4. Hjalti Arnason ( age: 55 ) ( Strongman Powerlifting )
Hjalti Arnason(born Feb. 18, 1963) is a former Icelandic strongman competitor and world champion powerlifter. Hjalti was known by the nickname "The Great Ursus". He first began in strength sports by competing as a junior powerlifter representing Icel
5. István Szabó ( age: 80 )
István Szabó (born 18 February 1938, Budapest) is a Hungarian film director.
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