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Some Birthdays
1. Gilbert Renfroe ( age: 55 )
Gilbert Renfroe (Born February 18, 1963 in Tuskegee, Alabama) is a former professional football quarterback. Renfroe played college football at Tennessee State University from 1982-1985. With the Tigers, he finished fourth all time in total offensive
2. Giles Watling ( age: 65 )
Giles Watling (born 18 February 1953), in Chingford, London is an English actor. Giles is the son of actor Jack Watling and actress Patricia Watling, and the brother of actresses Dilys Watling and Deborah Watling. He also has another sister called Ni
3. Gino Stacchini ( age: 80 )
Gino Stacchini (born February 18, 1938 in San Mauro Pascoli) is a retired Italian professional football player.
4. Giordano Meloni ( age: 35 )
Giordano Meloni is an Italian footballer. He plays as a forward. He is currently playing for A.S.D. Flaminia Civita Castellana.
5. Giorgi Ghudushauri ( age: 45 )
Giorgi Ghudushauri (born February 18, 1973 in Tbilisi) is a retired Georgian professional football player.
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