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Some Birthdays
1. Henry Ekubo ( age: 35 )
Henry Ekubo (born 17 August 1982) is a Nigerian football player, who currently plays for FC Linth 04.
James Jenkins is a former American football tight end that played for ten seasons in the National Football League for the Washington Redskins as a blocking specialist on offense, winning Super Bowl XXVI during the 1991 season. Jenkins attended Curtis
3. Jean Dorion ( age: 75 )
Jean Dorion is a Canadian politician, sociologist and a Quebec nationalist leader. He is the current President of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society of Montreal (SSJBM), a post he held also from 1989 to 1994. He is additionally the treasurer of the affi
4. Jean-Jacques Sempé ( age: 85 )
Jean-Jacques Sempé, usually known as Sempé (born August 17, 1932 in Bordeaux), is a French cartoonist. Some of his cartoons are quite striking, but retain a sentimental and often a somewhat gentle edge to them, even if the topic is a difficult one to
5. Jerome Lyle Rappaport ( age: 90 )
Jerome Lyle Rappaport (born August 17, 1927) was a lawyer, developer, political leader, and landlord. Today, he is best known for his philanthropy in Boston, Massachusetts, and as the general partner of one of the most successful and maligned develop
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