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Some Birthdays
1. Fighting Harada ( age: 75 )
Masahiko Harada (born April 23, 1943 in Tokyo, Japan), better known as Fighting Harada, is a former world boxing champion. He is currently the president of the Japanese boxing commission. Harada was arguably one of Japan's most popular boxers; hi
2. Frans Koppelaar ( age: 75 )
Frans Thomas Koppelaar (born April 23, 1943), is a Dutch painter, who was born in The Hague, Netherlands. From 1963 - 1969 he attended the Royal Academy of Visual Arts at The Hague. He moved to Amsterdam in 1968. His landscapes and Amsterdam cityscap
3. Fred Upton ( age: 65 ) ( political assistant )
Frederick Stephen Upton (born April 23, 1953) is a politician from Michigan. He is a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives, serving the state's 6th congressional district. The district, based in Kalamazoo, stretches alon
4. Gordon Hirabayashi ( age: 100 ) ( American sociologist )
Gordon Kiyoshi Hirabayashi (born April 23, 1918) is an American sociologist (now retired), best known for his principled resistance to the Japanese American internment during World War II, and the court case which bears his name, Hirabayashi v. Unite
5. Gustavo de Simone ( age: 70 )
Gustavo Daniel de Simone Horn (born April 23, 1948) is an Uruguayan football coach. As a player he had a short stint in Argentina with Chacarita Juniors where he played 24 league games.
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