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Some Birthdays
1. Milena Vukotic ( age: 80 ) ( Actor )
Milena Vukotic (born 23 April 1938) is a former ballerina and a stage, television, and film actress. Vukotic was born in Rome, to a Montenegrin comediographer father and an Italian pianist/composer mother. Vukotic is known for her role of Pina in the
2. Molly Burnett ( age: 30 ) ( American actress )
Molly Burnett is an American actress and occasional singer. She has portrayed Melanie Layton Kiriakis on the NBC soap opera Days of our Lives since July 31, 2008.
3. Oksana Pečeny ( age: 35 ) ( violinist, pedagogue )
Oksana Pečeny (born April 23, 1983) is a Ukrainian violinist.
4. Pablo Rotchen ( age: 45 )
Pablo Oscar Rotchen Suárez (born April 23, 1973 in Buenos Aires) is a retired Argentine football defender who played for the Argentina national team in Copa América 1997. Rotchen started his professional career playing for Club Atlético Independiente
5. Papy Lukata Shumu ( age: 40 )
Papy-Shumu Lukata (born April 23, 1978 in Kinshasa) is a Congolese football player, who currently plays for Atlético Petróleos Luanda.
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