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Some Birthdays
1. Alan Kernaghan ( age: 50 )
Alan Kernaghan (born 25 April 1967) is a former footballer. Since retiring he has become a coach and manager. Since January 2007 he has been a youth coach at Rangers. Born in England, Kernaghan represented the Northern Ireland national football team
2. Alessio Tombesi ( age: 35 )
Alessio Tombesi (born 25 April 1982) is an Italian footballer. He plays for Novara.
3. Ana Corradi ( age: 55 )
Ana María Corradi de Beltrán is an Argentine politician. Elected for the Viable Santiago Movement, she sits in the Argentine Senate representing Santiago del Estero Province in the majority block of the Front for Victory. Corradi qualified as a pre-s
4. Antony Santos ( age: 50 )
Antony Santos is a bachata musician from the Dominican Republic, renowned for his role in redefining the genre to include romantic music. Santos entered onto the scene in the early 1990s, beginning his career as the guira player for fellow bachatero
5. Arjei Franklin ( age: 35 )
Arjei Franklin is a Canadian professional football slotback in the Canadian Football League who has plays for the Calgary Stampeders. Franklin is an alumnus of Agincourt Collegiate Institute.
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