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Some Birthdays
1. Matthew Oakley ( age: 40 )
Matt Oakley, is an English midfielder playing for Leicester City where he is the current team captain. He had previously played for Southampton and Derby County. Oakley played for Southampton in the 2003 FA Cup final against Arsenal, finishing as run
2. Michael Preetz ( age: 50 ) ( Footballer )
Michael Preetz (born 17 August 1967) is a retired German football player. He played mostly for Hertha BSC and is currently working in Hertha's management.
3. Michel Ngonge ( age: 50 )
FĂ©lix-Michel Ngonge is a retired professional footballer. He played international football for Zaire, and later the renamed Democratic Republic of Congo team. He started his footballing career in Belgium with Racing Jet de Bruxelles (4549), K.A.A. Ge
4. Mohamed Abdelaziz ( age: 70 )
Mohamed Abdelaziz is the Secretary General of the Polisario Front and President of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic since 1976. He speaks French, Arabic, and Spanish.
5. Nelson Emerson ( age: 50 )
Nelson Donald Emerson (born August 17, 1967) is a former National Hockey League right wing.
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