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1. Ilona Sojda ( age: 30 ) ( Polish singer )
Ilona Sojda (born May 26, 1987, Kielce), Polish singer whose work has its origin in sung poetry, an imprecise, unspecific music genre that merges lyrical ballads with written poetry.
2. Jack Laybourne ( age: 90 )
John Sylvester "Jack" Laybourne (born 26 May 1927) is an English former footballer who represented Great Britain at the 1956 Summer Olympics. Laybourne played as an amateur for Corinthian-Casuals.
3. Jacques Bergerac ( age: 90 )
Jacques Bergerac was a French actor with a brief Hollywood film career. Originally a lawyer, Bergerac met and married Ginger Rogers with whom he appeared in Twist of Fate (1954). He then went on to appear as Armand Duval in a television production of
4. James Kochalka ( age: 50 )
James Kochalka (born May 26, 1967, in Springfield, Vermont) is an American comic book artist and writer, and rock musician. His comics are noted for their blending of the real and the surreal. Largely autobiographical, Kochalka's cartoon expressi
John McCormick was a professional American football player who played quarterback and punter for five seasons for the Minnesota Vikings and Denver Broncos
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