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Some Birthdays
1. Arvo Kruusement ( age: 90 ) ( Film director )
Arvo Kruusement (born 20 April 1928) is an Estonian actor, theatre and film director who has made some of Estonia's classic novels into films Spring (1969) and Fall (1990) The movie Spring has been noted as the best Estonian feature film in the T
2. Aubrey de Grey ( age: 55 ) ( Chief Science Officer of the SENS Foundation )
Aubrey David Nicholas Jasper de Grey (born 20 April 1963) is an English author and theoretician in the field of gerontology, and the Chief Science Officer of the SENS Foundation. He is editor-in-chief of the academic journal Rejuvenation Research, au
3. Billy delGiudice ( age: 40 ) ( Musician, Writer, Artist, Drummer )
Billy delGiudice (born April 20, 1978) is a Brooklyn, NY based musician. He was the drummer for the rock band The Anthem Sound and now scores films and helps run Royal Blue Recording in South Hadley, MA. His solo work is released under the moniker No
4. Billy Fox (boxer) ( age: 95 )
Billy Fox (born April 20, 1923) is a former American light heavyweight boxer.
5. Birgitta Andersson ( age: 85 )
Ulla Birgitta Helena Andersson Bye is a Swedish actress and comedian. Andersson is a very popular and well liked actress in Sweden. She made her breakthrough by acting in various variety shows, first along with Povel Ramel and Karl Gerhard and later
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