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Some Birthdays
1. César Larios ( age: 30 )
César Alexander Larios Flores (born April 21, 1988 in Santa Ana, El Salvador) is a Salvadoran footballer who currently plays for C.D. FAS.
2. Chan Kok Heng ( age: 50 )
Chan Kok Heng (born April 21, 1968) is a former Malaysian footballer who is well known as a defender with Perak FA. He was the longest serving player after playing for more than ten seasons. He retired from professional football in 2004. He played an
3. Chiyohakuhō Daiki ( age: 35 )
Chiyohakuhō Daiki (born 21 April 1983 as Daiki Kakiuchi) is a sumo wrestler from Yamaga, Kumamoto, Japan. He made his professional debut in 1999 and broke into the top makuuchi division nine years later in 2008. His highest rank has been maegashira 6
4. Christian Hoff ( age: 50 ) ( Actor )
Christian Hoff (born April 21, 1968) is an American actor.
5. Christoph Sanders ( age: 30 ) ( Actor )
Christoph Gaylord Sanders (born April 21, 1988) is an American actor who is best known for appearing in The Ghost Whisperer as Ned Banks.
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