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Some Birthdays
1. Christos Tapoutos ( age: 35 )
Christos Tapoutos is a Greek professional basketball player. He is 2.06 m (6'9") in height. He plays at the small forward and power forward positions and during his early professional years he was considered to be one of the greatest European tal
2. Cindy Eadie ( age: 35 )
Cindy Eadie (born September 21, 1982 in Brantford, Ontario) is a Canadian softball third baseman and hockey goaltender. Eadie began softball at age 5, and has attended Wilfrid Laurier University, where she played three seasons as their starting goali
3. Dalibor Veselinović ( age: 30 )
Dalibor Veselinović is a Serbian football striker who plays for FC Brussels. He is 1.98m and weighs 94 kg.
4. Daniele Degano ( age: 35 )
Daniele Degano (born 21 September 1982 in Crema) is an Italian football (soccer) striker. He currently plays for Crotone.
5. Danny Kass ( age: 35 )
Daniel "Danny" Kass (born September 21, 1982) is an American professional snowboarder. He was born in Vernon Valley, NJ . Danny grew up in New Jersey where he began his climb into snowboarding history at the age of twelve. His home slopes are what ar
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