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Some Birthdays
1. Antonio Mistrorigo ( age: 105 )
Antonio Mistrorigo (born March 26, 1912) is an Italian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. Currently is third oldest Italian bishops as well as one of the oldest Catholic bishops.
2. Antonio Nuić ( age: 40 ) ( Film director, screenwriter )
Antonio Nuić (born 26 March 1977 in Sarajevo) is an award-winning Bosnian-Croatian film director and screenwriter. Nuić had graduated from the Zagreb Academy of Drama Arts before beginning his career directing music videos and short films. His first
3. Bianca Kajlich ( age: 40 ) ( Actress )
Bianca Maria Kajlich ("KAY-lick"; born March 26, 1977) is an American actress. Kajlich has had starring and supporting roles in television and film; she currently plays Jennifer on the CBS comedy Rules of Engagement.
4. Bill Ingebrigtsen ( age: 65 ) ( legislator )
Bill Ingebrigtsen (born March 26, 1952) is a Minnesota politician and a member of the Minnesota Senate representing District 11, which includes portions of Douglas, Grant, Stevens and Todd counties.
5. Bobby Ayre ( age: 85 )
Robert William Eyre, is a English footballer who played as a centre forward in the Football League.
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