Some Birthdays
1. Mark Roe ( age: 55 )
Mark Adrian Roe (born 20 February 1963) is an English professional golfer, best known for being disqualified from the 2003 Open Championship for a scorecard error. Roe played for 21 years on the European Tour between 1985 and 2006, winning three tour
2. Matías Giménez ( age: 35 )
Matías Alejandro Giménez is an Argentine football winger. He currently plays for Boca Juniors.
3. Mika Hoshito ( age: 30 )
Mika Hoshito is a Japanese female footballer. She has never played in Japan women's national football team, but she was chosen as a member of representative in 2001 Universiade.
4. Mike Dierickx ( age: 45 ) ( DJ, producer , technical engineer )
Mike Dierickx, formerly known as Dirk Dierickx, and most commonly recognized under the aliases M.I.K.E. , Push or Plastic Boy, is a Belgian DJ. Best known for the song "Universal Nation", he has also released other singles including "The Legacy" and
5. Mike Leigh ( age: 75 )
Mike Leigh, OBE (born 20 February 1943) is an English writer and director of film and theatre. He studied theatre at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and did his early acting with the Royal Shakespeare Company. He began as a theatre director and pla
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