Mayors and Lord Mayors of Brisbane



Some Birthdays
1. Charles S. Haas ( age: 65 ) ( Actor, screenwriter, novelist )
Charles S. Haas (born October 22, 1952), also known as Charles Haas or Charlie Haas, is an American screenwriter and actor, and novelist. Haas was born in Brooklyn, the son of Eunice and Philip Haas, who was an attorney. Haas began his writing career
Count Christian of Rosenborg, a former Danish and Icelandic prince now Grev Christian af Rosenborg (born 22 October 1942), who was high in the line of hereditary succession to the throne of Denmark until the new right of females of the royal family t
3. Dan Chan ( age: 40 ) ( Magician, Illusionist, Juggler )
Dan Chan (born October 22, 1977) is an American magician who specializes in magic, Bian lian and pickpocketing.
4. Daniel Nardiello ( age: 35 )
Daniel Antony Nardiello (born 22 October 1982) is an English-born Welsh footballer. A forward who currently plays for Exeter City, he is the son of former Wales international Donato Nardiello and cousin of Pakistan international Reis Ashraf.
5. Darren Tate ( age: 45 ) ( Producer )
Darren Tate (born 22 October 1972, London) is an record producer and club DJ.
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