Some Birthdays
1. Peter Haber ( age: 65 )
Peter Alexander Haber is a ´Swedish actor. He grew up in Södertälje and in Remscheid, Germany. In 1987 he was hired by the Stockholm City Theatre where he was active until 1994. The most famous roles that Haber has played are the father Rudolf in the
2. Peter O'Malley ( age: 80 ) ( Former President and CEO of the Los Angeles Dodgers )
Peter O'Malley (born in December 12, 1937 in Brooklyn, New York) is the former president (1970–1998) and owner (1979–1998) of the Los Angeles Dodgers of American Major League Baseball.
3. Pierre Moreau ( age: 60 )
Pierre Moreau (born December 12, 1957 in Vercheres, Quebec) is a politician in the Canadian province of Quebec. He was first elected to represent the riding of Marguerite-D'Youville in the National Assembly of Quebec in the 2003 provincial electi
4. Prosper Avril ( age: 80 )
Prosper Avril (born December 12, 1937) is a former president of Haiti, one of the most influential Haitian political figures of the last thirty years. A trusted member of Francois Duvalier's Presidential Guard and adviser to Jean-Claude Duvalier,
5. Quan Yeomans ( age: 45 ) ( Musician, songwriter, animator, producer )
Quan Yeomans is a musician best known for his work with the Australian band Regurgitator, a multi-ARIA Music Award winning group which formed in Brisbane in December 1993.
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